SimFlyer - GNS SX SR31

SimFlyer - GNS SX SR3

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  • SimFlyer - GNS SX SR31
  • SimFlyer - GNS SX SR31
  • SimFlyer - GNS SX SR31


FSX Certified

** Version SR3 - TCAS Equipped! **

Includes both the GNS530 and GNS430 units, which have been completely re-designed using the latest XML programming techniques making them fully FSX Ready while maintaining backwards compatibility with FS2004 and keeping the gauges extremely Frame Rate Friendly!

Additional features have been implemented as well, making the product more functional and realistic when compared to their real world counterparts. While still considered a "Gaming Product" these units will look, feel and respond much more accurately then previous versions. In addition, there will almost unlimited configuration possibilities, meaning that you can install your units in any manner you like, such as the standard 530/430 stack, twin 430s or almost any combination in-between. You can also Mix-And-Match any gauges in the Series X product line, giving you even more possible configurations.

A Bonus Pack is also included, offering even more gauges such as additional transponders, audio panel and even a hand-held radio to add extra value to this package!

Over a Dozen Gauges Included:

- GMA340 Audio Panel
- PMA8000 Audio Panel
- GNS530 GPS Nav/Com
- GNS430 GPS Nav/Com
- GTX330 Transponder
- GTX320 Transponder
- MD200-306 VOR Heads
- S-TEC 55x Autopilot with SA200 Altitude Alerter
- S-TEC 30 Panel Mount Autopilot
- Microair Panel Mount M760 VHF Com Radio
- Microair Panel Mount T2000 Transponder
- NTC 207x Handheld VHF Nav/Com Radio
- Miscellaneous Gauge Covers and Spacer Plates.

* GNS430 GPS and MD200 VORs include two (2) versions of the units for Nav/Com1,
Nav/Com2 and VOR1/VOR2 configuration.

Additional Features Include:

- 40 Minute Narrated Video Tutorial by Tim Mandeville -
This wonderful video tutorial created by Tim Mandeville for SimFlyer guides you step-by-step through all the basic functions of the GNS package (including the GMA340, GNS530, GNS430 and GTX330) and includes approximately 40 minutes of narrated footage to help teach you just how to use the GNSv4 package.

- Easy to Understand Installation and User Documentation
- SimFlyer's Exclusive "Panel Friendly Icons" for 2D panels

Minimum System Requirements:

- OS Requirements: Windows XP SP2
- PC Requirements: 2.0 Ghz PC with 512 Mb RAM and a 256 Mb AGP or PCI Express Video Card.
- MS Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX Required
- These are Minimum Requirements, for better performance we recommend upgrading your PC to the latest technology that is affordable to your budget. Remember, the faster the PC, the better FS will run.

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