Skysong Soundworks - Douglas AD-1 Skyraider HD-Audio1

Skysong Soundworks - Douglas AD-1 Skyraider HD-Audio

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FSX Certified

Balanced sound for an enjoyable flight inside and out.

Features Include Authentic Audio for:
  • Exterior Engine/Wright R-3350 Duplex Cyclone
  • Interior Engine/Wright R-3350 Duplex Cyclone
  • Start Up
  • Shutdown
  • Wind Slip over the Fuselage Gains as Aircraft Accelerates
  • Distinctive Radial Doppler Sound
Cockpit Environment:
  • Start-up/Shutdown
  • Flaps
  • Wind
  • Fuel Primer
  • Gear Down with Clunks
  • Gear Up with Clunks
  • Stall Warning
  • Rolling Sounds with squeaks and rattles
  • Touchdown
  • Flyby Ambience
  • Canopy Open/Close
  • Smooth RPM Transitions
  • Sounds Synchronized with Aircraft Animations
  • Prop Movement, Engine Smoke, Flaps, Gear Movement

These are real world sounds. Comprised of a heavy bass response. The Douglas Skyraider is one of the beefiest sounding aircraft you'll ever hear. I have an affinity for the old warbirds. My dad was a Navy Jet Aircraft Mechanic for over 23 years through the 60's & 70's. His career took us to many points around the globe. I came to love the sight and sound of these old birds as we were always living just outside the naval bases from station to station. Capturing the audio character of these glorious and historic warbirds has always meant a great deal to me.

The soundset has been tuned and optimized for best performance in both FSX & FS2004.

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Skysong Soundworks - Douglas AD-1 Skyraider HD-Audio
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