Skysong Soundworks - Waco Biplane HD Audio for FSX & FS91

Skysong Soundworks - Waco Biplane HD Audio for FSX & FS9

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FSX Certified

Engineered to compliment "Golden Age Simulations Aircraft"

Authentic Sounds Including:
  • Powerplant:Continental R-670 Seven Cylinder Radial
  • Long Coughing Start Up
  • Throaty Idle
  • Shut-down
  • Gyro
  • Roll
  • Wind
  • Prop Trill
  • Prop Flutters
  • Fuel Pump
  • Stall/Air-frame Stress/Buffet
  • Exit/Open/Close
  • Touch-down Real Screech
  • Crunchy Bass Flyby/Distance Doppler
The Waco Aircraft Company of Ohio produced a wide range of aircraft between 1919 and 1947, and several companies operated under that name. The company ceased operations in 1947, suffering the same fate as many companies that anticipated a large post-war interest in aviation that failed to materialize.

The Waco Classic Aircraft Company was founded in 1983 that started production of new planes based on the 1935 YMF-5, the last of the classic barnstorming aircraft. The company used plans filed by the original company with the Library of Congress.

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