Sonic Solutions - Vans RV8 Soundpack1

Sonic Solutions - Vans RV8 Soundpack

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Somehow standing at the runway fence or by a gate at an airport with a video camera doesn't really make a good recording session for a sound pack. Luckily Vance from Sonic Solutions is able to spend quality time with a multi mic set up on the aircraft he records. Each mic recording to a separate track enables Vance to implement and mix in game on a granular level ensuring an ever changing experience.

Recorded in 2009 in Morinville, Alberta, Canada this sound pack faithfully recreates the Vans RV8 spirit through sound. Every nuance is captured including exterior and interior audio, flaps, randomizing wheel touches, crashes and splashes, wing scrapes, gyro, start up and shut down sequences. All true to life.

Features Include: Recorded from the actual aircraft with a IO-360 Lycoming 200 hp engine, 16bit/48k sound quality, Extensive use of multiple layers and 3D sound cones, Interior and exterior start, non combustion, all rpm ranges, prop, flaps, gyro, randomizing crashes, water crashes and wheel touches, prob buzz, canopy open and close, overspeed, stall, AI sounds for multiplayer, Superb and professional mixing and implementation means very smooth transitions between start up, all rpm ranges through to shut down.

Produced and tested using various freeware and in development payware RV8 & RV8A's. Works best with FSX SP2 or Acceleration.

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