Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1

Taburet - XPEarth Alaska

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  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1
  • Taburet - XPEarth Alaska1



What is XPEarth?

XPEarth is a Lod Controlled Photorealistic scenery designed using 15 m resolution satellite images which are perfect for the design of photorealistic scenery to be displayed at Lower LOD or at a further distance from your plane position. This is the first ever scenery of its kind designed specifically for X-Plane.

How does it work?

XPearth is completely transparent around the plane position and starts to appear at a distance of around 4 - 6 miles - blending into the default scenery perfectly.

  • This allows a highly realistic view of the area covered, yet by using this technique we are able to keep default high resolution textures around the plane or any other texture add-on you have installed. The advantages compared to other type of Xplane photorealistic scenery include: Much smaller downloads; Faster Loading Time; Requires much less hard disk space; Compatible with any other add-ons available which are completely visible.
  • The circle of transparency beneath the plane decreases as the plane gains altitude and increases as the plane loose altitude. For example: a plane is parked at an airport on the ground displays the default scenery - or any add-ons you have installed -
  • XPEarth will be only visible at distance. As you take off and gain altitude the photorealistic scenery will gradually expand to eventually cover 100 % of your view.
  • XPEarth Alaska Cover the whole of Alaska !

Download all set of zip files and extract folders included in zip in your Xplane Custom scenery folder.

*Note extremely large file size. Consider the CD option if you are concerned about the download.

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