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TerraBuilder FSX

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  • TerraBuilder FSX1
  • TerraBuilder FSX1
  • TerraBuilder FSX1
  • TerraBuilder FSX1
  • TerraBuilder FSX1
  • TerraBuilder FSX1


FSX Certified

TerraBuilder FSX is a photo-realistic and elevated mesh scenery designer for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. TerraBuilder FSX is a Windows-based application that aids a scenery designer in assembling pre-saved image tiles (in BMP file format) into a single coherent photorealistic scenery, enabling user/designer to match and assemble the imagery mosaic to a high degree of accuracy. It can also be used to import RAW-type elevation maps (a 16-bit grayscale maps) to add details or improve the default FSX topography, by creating custom or DEM/SRTM derived terrain mesh.

The collection of images are saved in the Microsoft Flight Simulator's SDK INF format, and can be later re-loaded for editing and scenery compilation. The use of INF file format eliminates the need for a proprietary "middle-man" file format and enables user familiar with the INF file format to quickly scan and edit the script in any text file editor. TerraBuilder FSX also acts as a front-end to the resample.exe application which comes as a part of the FSX SDK and is an essential tool in creating scenery files for MS FSX.

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