Top Skills - Managing Your Power Video1

Top Skills - Managing Your Power Video

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  • Top Skills - Managing Your Power Video1
  • Top Skills - Managing Your Power Video1
  • Top Skills - Managing Your Power Video1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

Learn About:
  • Benefits of managing power realistically
  • Proper setting of fuel mixture
  • Best propeller pitch
  • Feathering and reversing propeller pitch
  • Using cowl flaps
  • Understanding carburetor heat
  • And much more
Manage Your Flights Realistically
Maximize your engine performance and thrust by managing your fuel mixture, propeller pitch, cowl flaps, carburetor heat, and condition levers at appropriate times in your simulations - just as real-world pilots do in their real airplanes.

Setting Fuel Mixture:
The right mixture of fuel and air is crucial for the best engine performance and fuel economy. The most realistic flight simulations require that we pilots manage our fuel-to-air mixtures. This video explains what fuel mixture is and how to manage it realistically -- like real-world pilots.

Using the Best Propeller Pitch:
The accuracy of propeller pitch makes the simulation more realistic. This video explains propellers with fixed pitches, variable pitches, and constant speeds, and how to manage propeller pitch in aircraft with constant-speed propellers.

Using the Condition Lever:
That extra lever in the turbo-props has special purposes. Learn exactly how to use it.

Using Cowl Flaps:
Cowl flaps on some aircraft assist with cooling the engines, but they also increase drag. This video shows the proper uses of cowl flaps and how to control them.

Carburetor Heat:
Carburetor heat is accurately simulated by X-Plane, so my video explains what carburetor heat is and how and when to use it.

Use Precise Performance Data
Use precise data for your aircraft engine's best performance like a real-world pilot. My supplementary document provides those data in tabular form for the most realistic uses of fuel mixtures and propeller pitches.

Learn From a Professional Tutorial Video

This video is professionally made by experts with the sole intention of easy use and quick learning. Everything about it is designed with knowledge and users in mind.
  • Distinct explanations for every step
  • Animated highlights for key concepts
  • Succinct explanations for everything
  • Carefully scripted and edited narration -- no "ums," "ahs," or stutters
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Instructions included
  • Supplementary tables and data included
Watch This Sample Video on the Videos Tab above

Special Bonus Item: Detailed Data and Tables
To help you manage your aircraft's power most realistically:
  • A 13-page written guidance document
  • Summarizes key information in easy-to-follow form
  • Tabular performance data for
    • Beechcraft Baron 58
    • Beechcraft King Air 350
    • Cessna 172SP Skyhawk
    • Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
    • Douglas DC-3
    • Grumman G21A Goose
    • Maule 7-260C
    • Mooney M20M Bravo,
    • Extra 300S
  • Mnenomic acronym for easy and immediate recall
  • Based on MSFS data and my flight tests with respective aircraft
  • In portable document format (PDF), this wealth-of-information document can be read with any software that reads PDF files.
Focus and Limits
  • Explains fuel mixture, propeller pitch, carburetor heat, and cowl flaps
  • Uses stock MSFS aircraft as examples
  • Principles and methods can be applied to other aircraft and simulators
  • Can be applied to combat and multi-player simulations
  • Applies to VFR and IFR simulations
  • For home flight simulation only
  • Not intended for real-world aviation
Wide Application
The principles and methods explained in this video can be applied to relevant aircraft for any home flight-simulation software such as Microsoft, Flight Gear, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems
  • Uses common video players such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and WinAmp
  • Any video player that plays WMV files can show this video
  • Has been successfully tested on Windows and Apple systems and software
  • Instructions for use are included
  • No password is required
  • Video file is 199 MB
  • Video duration is 26:08 minutes
Get a Free V-Speed Card
Your professional video includes a free V-Speed Card that lists the most common general-aviation V-speeds in two easy-to-find ways: (1) alphabetically on one side and (2) by velocity on the other side. Each V-speed is identified by name and abbreviation and explained in clear language. The cards are a handy size for using right at your flight simulator. They apply generally to most aircraft, not to any aircraft in particular. My gift to you!
- Bill Stack

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My flight-sim books and videos are only for home flight-simulation computer games. They are based on real aviation laws, regulations, and procedures so home flight-simulation enthusiasts can maximize their enjoyment. Because some aspects of home flight-simulation games are not exactly like real-world aviation, some information in my videos and books is not exactly like real flight. That is why these videos and books are not intended for and should not be used for real-world flight or lessons. We accept no liability for any misuse of my flight-simulation videos or manuals.
- Bill Stack

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