TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX1

TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX

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  • TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX1
  • TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX1
  • TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX1


FSX Certified

Turbine Sound Studios proudly presents the AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition sound pack for FSX recorded in HD High definition.

This Pilot Edition is as heard from the cockpit, so engine sounds are lower in volume, and more balanced, so that the cockpit is a nice audio environment to be in.

This sound pack includes the following :
  • External Engine Sounds
  • Internal Engine Sounds
  • Wind Sounds
  • Cockpit Environment Sounds
  • Gear Down Sounds
  • Gear Up Sounds
  • Full 3D Soundcones
  • Instructional Video for Installation
AS365 N1
Incorporating many of the improvements developed for the SA 366 G1 (HH-65 Dolphin), this version introduced upgraded 526 kW (705 shp) Arriel 1C1 turboshafts, an improved 11-blade Fenestron with wider-cord blades (which reduced the AS365 N1's noise signature), movable undercarriage doors replaced by simplified fairings and a higher gross weight of 4,100 kg (9,039 lb).

AS365 N2
This version - designated AS365 N2 from the outset - introduced the upgraded 549 kW (737 shp) Arriel 1C2 turboshafts, an uprated gearbox, increased maximum take-off weight of 4,250 kg (9,370 lb), redesigned cabin doors and revised interior, enlarged tail fin with all composite Fenestron. Deliveries of this version started in 1990. Licensed versions, called the Z-9 and Z-9A, were assembled in China.

AS365 N3
The high-performance AS365 N3 was developed for operations in 'hot and high' climates, and introduced 635 kW (851 shp) Arriel 2C turboshafts equipped with a single channel DECU (Digital Engine Control Unit) with manual reversion, mated to an uprated main transmission for better single engine performance. The AS365 N3 also features a redesigned ten blade composite Fenestron anti-torque device with asymmetric blade distribution, offering a further reduction in noise signature. The AS365 N3's gross weight is 4,300 kg (9,480 lb). Production deliveries began in December 1998 and this version is currently still in production.

This is truly the best rendition of the AS-365 Dauphin helicopter both externally and from the cockpit!

PLEASE NOTE : Sound quality can be reduced in the promotion video ( Video converting )

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TSS - AS-365N1-2 HD Pilot Edition Sound Pack for FSX
The sound is great as I listened to it on their youtube vide ..
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