TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X1

TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X

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  • TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X1
  • TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X1
  • TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X1
  • TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X1


FSX Certified

Turbine Sound Studios proudly presents the HD version of the Boeing 747 RR RB211-524 soundpack for FSX recorded in HD High definition.

We had to record sounds from various Boeing 747`s aircrafts in different countries, to create this soundpackage.

All enginesounds are recorded in TSS HD audioquality for maximum clarity and detail, then compiled to meet the FSX sound specification.

Although originally designed for the L-1011-1, Rolls-Royce knew that the RB211 could be developed to provide greater thrust.

By redesigning the fan and the IP compressor, Hooker's team managed to increase the engine's thrust to 50,000 lbf (220 kN).

The new version was designated RB211-524, and would be able to power new variants of the L-1011, as well as the Boeing 747.

Rolls-Royce had tried without success to sell the RB211 to Boeing in the 1960s, but the new -524 offered significant performance and efficiency improvements over the Pratt & Whitney JT9D which Boeing had originally selected to power the 747.

In October 1973 Boeing agreed to offer the RB211-524 on the 747-200, and British Airways became the first airline to order this combination which entered service in 1977.

Rolls continued to develop the -524, increasing its thrust through 51,500 lbf (229,000 N) with the -524C, then 53,000 lbf (240 kN) in the -524D which was certificated in 1981.

Notable airline customers included Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Cargolux and South African Airways.

When Boeing launched the larger 747-400 still more thrust was required, and Rolls responded with the -524G rated at 58,000 lbf (260 kN) thrust and then the -524H with 60,600; these were the first versions to feature FADEC. The -524H was also offered as a third engine choice on the Boeing 767, and the first of these entered service with British Airways.

PLEASE NOTE : Sound quality can be reduced in the promotion video ( Video converting )

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TSS - Boeing 747 RR RB211 HD Sound Pack X
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