TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1

TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack

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  • TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1
  • TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1
  • TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1
  • TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1
  • TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack1

Turbine Sound Studios proudly presents the HD version of the ERJ-135, ERJ-140, ERJ-145 soundpack for FS2004 recorded in HD High definition.

We had to record sounds from various Embraer 135 and 140 aircrafts in different countries, to create this soundpackage.

All enginesounds are recorded in TSS HD audioquality for maximum clarity and detail, then compiled to meet the FS2004 sound specification. Within this product you will find 2 soundpackages for different models, during testing we had to customfit the soundpackage to the models from Feelthere.


ERJ-135LR- Two 33.0kN (7426lb) Rolls-Royce AE-3007A1/3 turbofans.
ERJ-140LR- Two 33.0kN (7426lb) Rolls-Royce AE-3007A1/3 turbofans.


ERJ-135ER - Max cruising speed 834km/h (450kt). Service ceiling 37,000ft. Time to 35,000ft 21min. Takeoff field length at MTOW 1610m (5282ft). Range with 37 passengers 2650km (1430nm).
ERJ-135LR - Takeoff field length at MTOW 1722m (5650ft). Range with 37 passengers 3138km (1700nm).
ERJ-140LR - Same except range with 44 passengers 3019km (1630nm).


ERJ-135ER - Empty equipped 10,684kg (23,554lb), max takeoff 19,000kg (41,888lb). ERJ-135LR - Operating empty 11,420kg (25,176lb), max takeoff 20,000kg (44,092lb).
ERJ-140LR - Operating empty 11,740kg (25,882lb), max takeoff 21.100kg (46,517lb).


ERJ-135 & Legacy - Wing span 20.04m (65ft 9in), length 26.34m (86ft 5in), height 6.75m (22ft 2in). Wing area 51.2m2 (550.9sq ft).
ERJ-140 - Same except length 28.45m (93ft 5in).


Flightcrew of two.
ERJ-135 - Standard seating for 37 passengers at three abreast.
ERJ-140 - Standard seating for 44 passengers at three abreast.


By early 2005 a total of 231 (plus 2 conversions) EMB-135s had been built, including 123 ERJ-135, 74 ERJ-140 and 34 Legacy. Orders for 56 were still outstanding.

PLEASE NOTE : Sound quality can be reduced in the promotion video ( Video converting )
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