TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21

TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.2

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  • TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21
  • TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21
  • TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21
  • TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21
  • TuneVNAV - Descent Pro3 v. 3.21


FSX Certified

TuneVNAV Descent Pro3 is a FMC like software that calculates the exact descent & approach
speeds of a descending airplane, all the way to the runway.
You can now easily select any Terminal Procedure for any APT in the World (AIRAC cycles).
The computed approach speeds are the exact ACRFT's Maneuvering speeds!
Adjust your FMC with the TuneVNAV Pro3 computed speeds on the ground, at the departure APT!

The Pro3 Version:
1. Navigraph AIRAC cycles for any APT's TP.
2.Updatable Airplanes DataBase
3. Contains Airbus & Boeing Airplanes Database 4. Instant calculation of all the descent and approach speeds!
5. The approach speeds are exactly the Maneuvering speeds!
Make all the calculations on the ground, at the departure APT!
6. Accurate computed Mach Speed.
7. Print a hard copy of any computed flights.
8. ACRFT Weight in lbs or Kg.

AIRAC Ready:
TuneVNAV Descent Pro3 uses ONLY TuneVNAV Pro3 AIRAC cycle files created by Navigraph.

The July 08 (0807) AIRAC cycle is embedded into TuneVNAV Pro3 setup file, so once installed, you can start using TuneVNAV Pro3 right away!

The August AIRAC cycle (0808) (setup file) is already available at navigraph.com

Easy to use:
1. Select the ACRFT from the ACRFT Database.
2. Enter the Destination APT's ICAO code.
3. Hit the Get APT button to load the APT's TP.
4. Select the STAR & STAR TRANS and RWY# & RWY TRANS (as in the FMC) 5. Hit the SET APT CONFIG button.
6. Enter the Cruise Altitude for the flight.
7. Enter the ACRFT's ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight), AFW (Arrival Fuel Weight), Cruise Speed and Econ Descent speed (ALL of these from the FMC) 8. Hit the AutoTuneVNAV button.
9. You get the results instantly on the TuneVNAV Results page.
10. Adjust your FMC Waypoint's speeds with the ones computed by TuneVNAV Pro for safe and worry less landings.

Emergency Landing option added:
If your plane is damaged for any reason and Flaps are not functioning properly (ie. you can't get out the Full Flaps for landing) then you will be in a big trouble! For these situations TuneVNAV Pro3 is now able to calculate for you the proper descent & approach speed all the way to the runway considering the available flaps position as the landing flaps. Making you aware of all of the proper legs' speeds and RODs it is the ONLY way for you to land safely! In these kind of situations, ATC will allow you to disregard any speed restrictions therefore TuneVNAV Pro3 will disregard any TP speed restrictions in its calculations.

New in TuneVNAV Pro3 v.3.2
New Airplanes added! Now TuneVNAV Pro3 calculates the exact descent & approach speeds, all the way to the runway for the following airplanes: Boeing(737-777), Airbus(319-380), MD11, DC9, CRJ (200-700-900), EJETS

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