TweakFlight for FS20041

TweakFlight for FS2004

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  • TweakFlight for FS20041
  • TweakFlight for FS20041
  • TweakFlight for FS20041
  • TweakFlight for FS20041
  • TweakFlight for FS20041
  • TweakFlight for FS20041


Using TweakFlight:

  • Set up an approach quickly and easily
  • Change an aircraft on your favorite flight
  • Tweak the Com/Nav radio and OBS's using published approach charts
  • Set up challenging scenarios such as out of control situations for recovery practice
  • Set up a FLT file that showcases your own FS creations (Scenery/aircraft)

Access Over 150 Useful Variables in Each Flight:

Each Flight you save has a wealth of information but all those recorded parameters are basically "set in concrete" once you save the flight, any adjusting of the variables cannot be done from within FS2004. With TweakFlight you can change over 150 settings which are presented in a quick and easy to understand format.

To view the complete list of parameters that TweakFlight can directly edit please Click Here
(this is a JavaScript Window, to view please disable any popup stoppers).

Built in Screenshot Utility:

Taking screenshots and assigning them to a flight is a snap with our integrated screenshot utility. The screenshot will be displayed in the top left-hand corner of TweakFlight which helps identification of a flight. Clicking on thumbnail will expand it to full size. Various sizes and and image quality setting are included as options.

Integrated FS2004 look:

Generally speaking utilities can be rather plain-looking. We have also put much thought and effort into making TweakFlight pleasing to the eye. We recommend running TweakFlight under Windows XP for the best visual experience. Windows 98/ME does not produce the same results with some of the special transparency features.

Flights can be launched from within TweakFlight:

Simply select a FLT file from the displayed list after editing and saving your preferences, or select a previously edited FLT file and press the Fly it! button. FS2004 will be launched (or activated if already running behind or minimised) with your selected FLT file.

FS2004 Briefing Viewer/Creator:

FS2004 introduced the pre-flight briefing in HTM (webpage) format and many of the installed FS2004 flights have an accompanying HTM brief which is also displayed on the kneeboard. The HTM file has a matching filename to the FLT file and with TweakFlight you can not only view that document but also create one for those user-saved flights that do not have a briefing.

This document has many uses, such as a briefing to accompany a user-created flight, for keeping a list of radio frequencies, for step-by-step instructions on a VFR cross-country navigation flight or an explanation of detailed approach procedures.

FLT file Viewer:

While most of the editing goes on in the background for those of us that are curious we have included a viewer so you can actually see the innards of the currently selected FLT file.

Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium or AMD Processor (1Ghz+ recommended)
32 MB video card (1024x768 min resolution recommended)
Windows Fonts set to 96 DPI (Normal)
A properly installed copy of FS2004
Microsoft Windows XP/98/ME/2000*
20MB free hard disk space

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