Ultimate Turbine Sounds - A330 Sound Pack1

Ultimate Turbine Sounds - A330 Sound Pack

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  • Ultimate Turbine Sounds - A330 Sound Pack1
  • Ultimate Turbine Sounds - A330 Sound Pack1


FSX Certified

Real A330-200 Sounds for all A330 software

The incredible and realistic sounds of Ultimate Turbine sound are recorded on real flights with different engine power variation.

External sound
  • External Sounds are recorded and then modified to be used in Flight simulator. They are recorded in airport gates, during pushback and along runways using a microphone cap to be accurate. They are then transformed into 32bit format making the most amazing and most real A330 sounds you will never hear on a simulator.
Internal sounds
  • Cockpit and engine sounds are recorded from the cockpit over the pedestal to capture every moment after maintenance check flight
  • You will note that the engine idle running sound is very quite. This is because the cockpit is situated far from the engine and the cockpit avionics may not let you hear it well.
  • The engine take off sounds, although noisy during the first meters of the take off run, will downgrade to allow the gear rolling sounds.
  • Shortly after take off when you retract the gear, you will have a nice sensation from the real life sound of the wind entering the gear. It is very nice but is stopped quickly the closing of the gear doors and is followed by the bip sound.
  • During climb, reduced engine power will be heard as well as the wind into the windshield until cruise.
  • During the landing you'll appreciate the calm cockpit at touchdown. The reverser and the noise gear bump sound make for very realistic landing sounds.
  • Cockpit ambiance is very nice - it's the magic of Airbus.
  • This package is completed by other sound effects including Autopilot disconnection, flaps, roll, Air conditioning inside, APU inside, glideslope warning, Overspeed and Stall.
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