VAP - Yak 521

VAP - Yak 52

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  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521
  • VAP - Yak 521

The Yakovlev Yak-52 first flew in 1976, and is still being produced in Bacau, Romania, by Aerostar. Designed originally as a primary trainer for students who would later transition to Soviet jet aircraft, the aerobatics-capable (+7g / -5 g) Yak-52 is now often seen in the hands of sports flying enthusiasts from the United States to New Zealand. Yakovlev are widely known all over the world. Thousands of pilots have learned how to fly on this aircraft.

The Yak-52 is intended for training of the pilots. Modern achievements have allowed for the creation of a machine with the excellent characteristics. The plane is simple in management. Flying is quite simple to the beginner pilot, but this plane is very powerful. Skilled pilots will also benefit from the incredible airframe strength. Even the most stressful aerobatic maneuvers can be made with ease.

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