Vero FS - Portland Vancouver Photoreal SD Edition1

Vero FS - Portland Vancouver Photoreal SD Edition

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  • Vero FS - Portland Vancouver Photoreal SD Edition1


FSX Certified

Vero-FS bring you Photo realistic daylight and night scenery featuring high resolution ground textures developed on COLOR CORRECTED and ENHANCED digital ortho-photo aerial imagery for the 9800 sq.Km / 6100 sq.mi. area around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

This SD Edition is a Smart Details (SD) that provides a faster download and less HD space. The ground textures for rural areas and mountains are at LOD13 instead of LOD15 (see reference image in the gallery - Green is LOD15 - Red is LOD13). *** If you want full LOD 15, then go for the Portland Vancouver SILVER, instead. ***

Photo-realistic means that what you see when looking down from your airplane in FSX is actually what real pilots see when flying real airplanes in the real world.

With this product installed in your simulator you will experience the real cities, countryside, mountains (including Mt. Hood), rivers, lakes included in the 9800 / 6100 sq.mi surrounding Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington. See the coverage map below.

The night variation was developed by adding (painting) lights on REAL roads and streets.

  • Geographic area developed: 9800 sq.Km / 6100 sq.mi
  • Number of Airports in the area: 30 (see list below)
  • Ground textures resolution: 1 meter/pixel compiled at LOD15 for city/towns/airports areas and LOD13 for rural areas and mountains
  • Daylight (non seasonal) ground textures
  • Photo realistic Night ground textures
  • Autogen Vegetation: 4 different types of vegetation placed according to the data from the
  • National Land Cover Database 2006
  • Autogen Buildings (fsx default library): Industrial and residential buildings for the entire scenery area. The same type of buildings accurately placed on the ground of the surrounding areas around airports and airfields (will be released as free downloads together with the airports upgrades)
  • Smooth transition of the scenery boundaries with the default FSX ground.
  • Water bodies

Features marked with the star (*) are on development and will be available for free download when released

Airports and Airfields included in the geographic area of this product:
  • KPDX - Portland Intl.
  • KTTD - Portland Troutdale
  • KCZK - Cascade Locks State
  • KVUO - Pearson Field
  • KUAO - Aurora State
  • KHIO - Portland Hillsboro
  • KSPB - Scappoose Industrial Airpark
  • KMMV - McMinnville Municipal Airpark
  • 1W1 - Grove Field
  • WA67 - Green Mountain
  • 4S9 - Mulino State
  • 7S3 - Stark'sTwin Oaks Airpark
  • 17S - Chehalem Airpark
  • 2S6 - Sportsman Airpark
  • WA87 - Parkside Airpark
  • W52 - Goheen
  • 4S2 - Ken Jernstedt Airfield - Hood River Airport
  • 0OR9 - Hanel Field
  • 7OR6 - Green Acres Air Park
  • 14OR - Air Columbia Heliport
  • 19WA - Key Way Airstrip
  • OR50 - Lehman Field
  • OG29 - Mc Kinnon Airpark
  • O3S - Sandy River
  • S48 - Country Squire
  • OG20 - Fairways Airport
  • W56 - Fly For Fun
  • 1OR3 - Sunset Airstrip
  • 1OR4 - North Plains
  • WA79 - Walter Sutton

Evergreen Aviation Museum (Spruce Goose)

This product comes with ENBSeries preset files. All VERO scenery products are developed for use with ENBSeries

** NOTE: The screenshots are original as they come out of FSX (no Photoshop) with ENBSeries installed. **

Installing photoreal scenery is very easy and it requires no installer at all.
  1. UnRar all the RAR files
  2. Add the 2 variations (Day and Night) to the Scenery Library
  3. Enjoy

NOTE: A step-by-step installation manual is included in the product files.

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