vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1

vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion

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  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1
  • vFlyteAir - Ryan Navion1



Includes Beta Version To Support X-Plane 11 (11Beta1)

Includes version 2.0

The Ryan Navion is a classic airplane dating back to the 1940's. Used extensively by US Military forces, it was also adapted for civilian use, and many Navions are service today. The vFlyteAir version has been updated with a new glass cockpit, GPS, autopilot and electronic engine monitor. Check out the Navion Gallery!

Compatible with X-Plane 10.30 or newer. HDR Rendering recommended for lighting effects. Tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Mac OSX 10 Yosemite. Download size = 560MB

Package Includes:
  • 16-page User Manual
  • 13 Liveries (incl. plain white)
  • Free Custom Paint Kit Available HERE
  • Navion Cruise Performance Chart
  • PDF Copy of 1948 Navion L17-B POH
Changes In Version 2.0 Include
  • NEW - Cockpit manipulators now support mouse scroll-wheel operation
  • NEW - context-aware directional 3D sound effects with simulated Doppler effect in exterior view
  • NEW - New situation-aware on-screen warnings (can be turned off using the Control Menu)
  • NEW - Realistic emergency gear operation - you cannot retract the gear after deploying the emergency gear. You must land and come to a stop before normal gear operation will reset.
  • NEW - custom plug-in driven engine startup procedure - the colder the engine is, the longer it takes to start
  • NEW - Animated ignition key - click on the key to place it into the ignition
  • NEW - 3D propeller disc effect - the spinning prop disc has volume when view from side angles, and the appearance changes as engine RPM changes
  • NEW - custom HDR exterior lighting - animated taxi lights retract with gear, and strobe lights have a custom flash sequence. HDR recommended for best effect.
  • NEW - Realistic engine vibration effects - exhaust pipes and control surfaces vibrate slightly when the engine is running
  • NEW - Control Menu look and feel
  • UPDATED - SL30 COM2/NAV2 radio operation
  • UPDATED - airspeed and fuel flow characteristics
  • FIXED - Radio volumes are now controlled separately - COM1, COM2, NAV1 and NAV2 volume knobs control respective radio volumes. The Audio Panel volume controls DME, ADF and MRKR volumes.
11Beta1 Version Includes The Following Updates For X-Plane compatibility
  • New NORMAL textures for exterior objects to provide X-Plane 11 compatible surface reflections and specular highlights
  • Modified OBJ object files to support the new surface reflections and specular highlights
  • New exterior and interior glass objects to support reflections and specular highlights
  • New X-Plane 11 style icons designed for the Flight Configurator
  • Modified various settings in PlaneMaker 11 to improve performance in X-Plane 11
What's missing for X-Plane 11
  • Our models do not yet support the new X-Plane 11 FMOD sound engine (however, the SASL plugin sounds still work in X-Plane 11)
  • Conversion of plugin code to the natively-supported XLUA plugin is not completed
Be sure to choose the correct version of this vFlyteAir model for installation. Choose the "version 11Beta1" for X-Plane 11.
Thank you for being a vFlyteAir Customer!

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