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VoxATC6 is the air traffic control environment that serious flight simulation enthusiasts have been waiting for.

VoxATC6 is the first ATC add-on for FSX that has been developed with integrated voice recognition. You can now talk to the controllers using standard ATC phraseology and what you say will be heard. Real voice recognition and controllers that adhere to real-world ATC procedures... using both FAA and European procedures that automatically switch as you cross the Atlantic Requests must be properly constructed and instructions complied with and read back correctly.

VoxATC6 works with the Microsoft integrated voice recognition and text to speech engines that are already included as part of Windows 7, XP and Vista. In addition, the product includes four licensed 16-bit voices from AT&T Natural Voice (a $100.00 value in itself). These voices enhance the text-to-speech so it sounds just as natural as recorded WAV voices in other ATC products that do not include voice recognition.

This product requires a microphone for voice input and preferably a headset. Now this new enhanced version for FSX even works seamlessly with FSX audible and visual Virtual Traffic ! VoxATC is the next major step towards Flight Simulator realism.

The main features of VoxATC include:
  1. Full compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 and 32 plus, Windows 8 and Windows XP
  2. VoxATC 6 automatically generates the correct SID and STAR* and airways fixes anywhere in the world, based on wind directions used during flight planning. (Flight planning may be done with FS Commander X and both programs can share the same AIRAC cycle data from Navigraph ). This also applies to third party aircraft where the same NAV Data can be used for a totally integrated flight experience.
  3. Because of Magnetic Variation, many airport runway numbers differ in the real world from the ones in FSX. VoxATC will renumber all runways to match the AIRAC cycle used for ultimate authenticity.
  4. With Windows Vista 64 and Windows 7 64, you have been limited to one voice, "Microsoft Anna". With the new Festival voice engine, this no longer applies. You can have many voices, the number of which is limited only by your available RAM. These voices may be filtered and have radio static as well as several national accents.
  5. The DVD version of VoxATC 6 has four AT&T voices which have been tested in a 64 bit environment. There are four voices, 2 male and 2 female to give better and clearer speech.
  6. VoxATC 6 now features expanded helicopter operations, it is not necessary to operate like a fixed wing aircraft in FSX's world.
  7. VoxATC 6 uses definable processor cores for efficient computer operations.
  8. Compatibility with Ultimate Traffic, and most other add-on traffic programs plus most complex aircraft including the PMDG range.
  • Intelligent agent controllers and AI aircraft
  • VFR and IFR flights
  • All ATC units are included (Clearance Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, Center and
  • Flight Service Stations)
  • Unicom and Multicom operations handled
  • Traffic have user configurable call signs and user set levels for different airspace types
  • SIDs, STARs, waypoints and airways are referred to by name
  • Enroute Holds
  • Emergencies
  • Regional phraseology used in ATC exchanges; 'decimal' in frequency settings, 'pass your message' and 'ready for departure' are just a few examples of European usage
  • QNH / QFE altimeter settings in millibars in the European region
  • Regional transition levels
  • Fully controlled visible AI traffic
  • A first officer is available to take over comms duties at any time on IFR flights
  • At larger airports, green center lights are used as part of a TGS (Taxi Guidance System) to help you find your way to and from the runway.
"Some FS add-ons let you talk to the computer, with VoxATC you talk to Air Traffic Control."

Flight simulation has never been as realistic as it is with VoxATC 6. You can now Fly, Speak and Comply. Now you will really understand what it is like to fly as a Professional Pilot. If it all gets too much you can still use "Microsoft Anna" but as your co-pilot and she will handle the radio, letting you concentrate on your flying.

VoxATC 6 doesn't make flying an aircraft in FSX any easier, just the opposite in fact. It makes it harder and more challenging as it is in the real world. Are you up to it, Captain?
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