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by Terry Swindle *Verified Product User* Date Added: Thursday 27 August, 2009
I have waited eagerly for many years for someone to release an affordable, realistic CDU/FMS. I preordered this unit as soon as it was announced. When it arrived, I was disappointed to find that the display was dislodged from the frame and was laying inside the box. There is a label on the back of the unit that clearly stated that the warranty will be voided if the unit is opened. With that I contacted eDemensional and told them of the problem and that it was clear that the unit only needed to be opened and the display repositioned. They cleared me to do so. I fould that there was nothing actually holding that display in place and I have repositioned it TWICE and even applied tape to hold it in place. It has actually fallen out again. This was only the beginning of problems.

The manual for this product is poorly translated from Korean into English. It is very short and doesn't go into much detail. It also contains no troubleshooting tips, which this product could use.

ALL of my airliner add-ons are FS2004. BE FOREWARNED that you CANNOT use this product in FS2004 in FULL SCREEN mode! This is NOT advertised. You are only told that this product is COMPATIBLE with most airliner add-ons...PMDG, Level-D, ect. I think that there is an assumption that most people have migrated to FSX. Even in a windowed mode, I have not been able to get the software CDU display to "fill" the display in the CDU II as you see in the online pictures. You still see the software CDU frame in the CDU II display. I'm sure that this is simply a function of screen size, resolution and second monitor (CDU II) position. However I was not able to get this positioning right after hours of experimenting. The buttons do seem to mimic the buttons in my PMDG 747, but only after having spent a considerable amount of time experiementing.

I was only able to find one review of the product on a French FS website. This is where I discovered the windowed vs. full screen issue regarding FS2004. I am going to "migrate" to FSX and see if this unit actually works better in FSX. I believe this priduct has great potential to add deeper immersion to your simming experience. However, as my father would say, "invest your time before you invest your money." Educate yourself on this product and know what you're getting into before you buy.

In closing, I should say that I am no FS "guru." The deep mechanics of FS are not my forte. However, I do make my living as an airline pilot and have used FS successfully as a training aid in prepping for checkrides for many years. Others may not have the same problems that I have experienced with this unit.

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I have waited eagerly for many years for someone to release ..
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