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Vroute Premium Flight Planner

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  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1
  • Vroute Premium Flight Planner1


FSX Certified
vroute.info premium is a professional quality flight planning tool, including route database, fuel calculation, live airspace maps, approach charts and online traffic information.

This program was created as a successor to very popular vroute.info program. Now anyone interested in serious flight simulation can find a huge route database, comprehensive airspace maps, flight progress cards, map and scenery links as well as VATSIM online traffic data - all in one place.

Vroute.info premium was designed from a perspective of someone who wants to get the right information fast, without browsing multiple websites and launching different programs for different elements of the pre-flight preparation.

The route database includes over 70.000 routes from all around the world, constantly improved and expanded by a large community of users. Once a route is selected, vroute.info premium allows you to:
  • Print a detailed pre-filled Flight Progress Card (pdf) with route details, forecasted weather, alternate airports and routes to alternates, detailed waypoint list and fuel levels as well as ETAs for each waypoint. Once printed, the card serves as a scratchpad during your flight for writing down ATC instructions, actual fuel consumption etc. See here for a sample document.
  • Get automatically calculated set of alternate airports with their weather conditions.
  • Calculate fuel consumption taking into consideration payload and other flight conditions. The calculator is so accurate that it even takes into account the weight of payload and the selected cruise flight level.
  • Get all real life approach plates, aerodrome, departure and arrival charts for the relevant airports (USA and Australia only “ over 15.000 charts total) “ click here for a sample
  • The fuel calculator provides accurate fuel level estimate for each waypoint, which helps keep track of the consumption and detect problems early.
  • Show fuel distribution in aircraft's tanks for easy loading.
  • Show vertical flight profile with terrain below and vertical airway boundaries.
  • Display route on a high-resolution zoomable airspace maps, depicting airways, navaids and airspace sectors in the area where the flight will take place.
  • Export route into popular applications (Flight Simulator 2004/FSX, FS Commander, FS Navigator, SquawkBox 3, FS Inn) and aircraft FMC formats (Flight1 ATR 72-500, Level-D 767, 767 PIC, PMDG 737/747, vasFMC 2.x).
  • Check weather, NOTAMs and VATSIM ATC coverage for the route of your flight.
  • See real life aviation regular flights taking place on the same route, with callsigns and departure times, for greater degree of realism.
  • Get links to maps and sceneries relevant to your route from 3rd party websites
The mapping capabilities where greatly improved with a completely new module, delivering high-resolution airspace maps with a pseudo-3D terrain layer. The map display shows the flight path area with stunning detail - not only depicting the basic navigation aids, but also showing airspace sectors, routes, fixes and airports below. All this is overlaid on a high resolution terrain image, showing important geographical features of the Earth below. The map is built of over 700.000 tiles hosted on vroute's powerful server - a total of over 5 gigabytes of data. It takes full advantage of high resolution computer screens by being fully resizable and offering a wide range of zoom levels.

The navigation layer, depicting airways, navaids and sector boundaries is overlaid on a pseudo-3D layer which shows the terrain below. For continental US, there's even a weather radar image available. On top of this, VATSIM ATC and pilot information is visible, with the ability to see aircraft past tracks. Even VATSIM flight/ATC booking is fully integrated, delivering an accurate overview of traffic over times.

Vroute.info premium is compatible with FMS data from Navigraph and allows you to get fresh AIRAC cycle information if you are a customer of Navigraph.

The premium release also features a night mode, similar to this available in car navigation devices, which improves program readability during night-time flights.

A player for the free Sky Blue Radio is also included in this release, for excellent in-flight entertainment and aviation news all around the clock.

All features are delivered in a remarkably easy-to-use interface - most our customers are up and running in 15 minutes without even reading the manuals.

* - Fuel calculation currently supports Flight1 ATR72-500, iFDG Airbus A320, Level-D 767-300ER, PMDG 737 family (-600 to -900), PMDG 747-400 and Wilco's B737 (-300 to -500), PMDG Beechcraft 1900D, CaptainSim C130, PSS B757-200 and -300, Embraer E-Jets (E170, E190), Dash 8-300, Cessna Citation 551, CRJ-200, Lago MD-80. Additional aircraft will be added later and this purchase gives the user the right to receive such additions as free upgrade.

** - Windows XP 64-bit is currently not supported. Windows Vista is fully supported in both 32-bit and 64-bit
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