Why Moms And Mature Women Are Playing Flight Simulators

More and more older women are interested in younger men, but not everyone is willing to admit they’re part of the trend.

But what if I told you that there’s an app for that?   An online flight simulator called Microsoft Flight Simulator is allowing middle-aged women to meet up with younger men for dates.

What is MS Flight Simulator?

According to developer’s site, the Microsoft Flight Simulator game allows people to “fly high in the sky and become an airline pilot.” It features missions, different types of planes and real-time weather reports.

The website also states that players can share their accomplishments on Facebook.  Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the players are women who want to meet younger men.

Other Ways Younger Men Are Meeting Older Women

Of course, Flight Simulator games aren’t the most popular way younger guys are meeting MILFs online. One popular dating site called MILF Maps caters specifically to this niche, and helps younger men meet up with older ladies. This app is designed with specifically this purpose in mind, as opposed to more general apps like Tinder.

Why Flight Simulators Over Dating Apps?

MS Flight Simulator offers the opportunity for women to have a virtual adventure with men before they meet in real life.

It’s almost like having a conversation on social media, except users are able to get an idea of how someone looks on paper instead of just through text.

One of the problems with MILF Maps or other dating sites, is that these sites sometimes feel more like MILF nudes and porn, as you can see from taking a look at the site, than a serious place to meet someone new and start a conversation.

Flight Simulators are also more common among younger guys who are into video games.

This may actually attract older women who are looking to expand their social circles outside of dating websites or apps specifically for this reason, which also explains why they would want to use MS Flight Simulator over other options.

These Men Are Using Flight Simulator To Meet Local Moms

A 31-year-old man who goes by the name “Kent Graham” has actually met up with a couple of women using Microsoft Flight Simulator.   He says older women are more confident in their sexuality – which makes it easier for younger men to approach them.

Graham says, “It’s just an easy way to break the ice if you’re shy or nervous.”

He doesn’t even have to leave his house to meet the women. He says, “They want someone who is intelligent and able to carry an interesting conversation.”

One man who has met women through Microsoft Flight Simulator said, “There’s so much choice out there, but I can’t recall ever seeing an older woman looking to meet younger men online. It seems like such a taboo and people look at you like you’re some kind of pervert.”

The man added, “I’m also taking my time to choose the right girl. We might meet in a week or it might take three months. I don’t want to make any mistakes.”

Though younger men looking for older women isn’t exactly new, the trend of finding dates online is astounding.   Graham added, “[This] generation has always been about wanting things faster.”

What Women On The Game Think

A fifty-year-old woman named Suzie told the Daily Mail, “It’s absolutely shocking how many young men are using it as an icebreaker to meet older women with whom they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance with.”

She said that she’s found several men in their 20s and 30s online, many of them admitting they’re not the typical ‘nerdy’ type.

She added, “Some of them are quite good-looking and full of confidence. I’ve noticed it’s always the quite confident ones who admit they don’t fit the ‘stereotype’ of a gamer that get in touch with me.”

Suzie said she’s had more than 100 messages from younger men looking for dates on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

She said, “The most shocking thing I’ve found is that it’s mostly younger men who are very confident in their sexuality and put it all out there.”

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