Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1

Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download

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  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1
  • Wilco Pub - A400M Airlifter Download1


FSX Certified

The A400M is the next generation of military transport aircraft and is set to re-equip a number of modern air forces in 2008.

It's the transport for the new millennium and now virtual pilots get their chance to jump the queue and fly this impressive military Airbus before anyone else.

The A400M Airlifter has been painstakingly researched to ensure that this version for FS2004 simulates the flight characteristics predicted for the real aircraft. From the unique 8-bladed props to the many animations and authentic sounds, the A400M is at the cutting edge of flight simulation development and represents the shape of things to come for strategic cargo aircraft.

Features a simulated Fly-By-Wire flight control system with bank angle limiter and automatic stall recovery system. Virtual flyers can use the load manager to exploit the A400M's massive 37-tonne capacity and transport cargo and vehicles to where they're needed!

Comes with a cockpit HUD and autopilot as well as TCAS and GPWS.

Detailed features
  • 12 detailed liveries
  • Highly detailed replica of the Airbus A400M
  • Highly detailed 2D instrument panel
  • Pop-up instrument panels
  • Interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit, fully clickable
  • Detailed, printed Pilot's Guide
  • Outstandingly detailed 3D Cabin, fully textured with vehicles featured
  • Frame-rate optimized with different aircraft variants included (with/without interior, cockpit and virtual cabin) to allow for different computer performance.
Aircraft features
  • Unique flight characteristics.
  • Super sound effects.
  • Numerous animations; Flight surfaces, hydraulic action suspension, flaps, landing gear, cargo and pilots doors.
  • Simulated Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System: bank angle limiter and automatic stall recovery system
  • Load manager for cargo and vehicles
  • Animated 3D pilots in the virtual cockpit.
  • Unique 8-bladed propellers.
  • High resolution reflective textures with dynamic shine and realistic night lighting,
  • Paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required).
Included liveries
  • A400M Airbus Industries camouflage
  • A400M Belgian Air Force
  • A400M French Air Force
  • A400M French Air Force (dark)
  • A400M German Air Force
  • A400M Red Cross
  • A400M Royal Air Force (green)
  • A400M Royal Air Force (grey)
  • A400M Spanish Air Force
  • A400M Turkish Air Force
  • A400M Unicef
  • A400M U.S. Coast Guard
Instrument panel features
  • Mouse Hotspots on the panel to access multiple 2D panels
  • High technology Vector gauges for the Primary Flight, Navigation, Engine/Warning and System Displays.
  • Head Up Display (HUD) with basic navigation instruments in 2D cockpit.
  • Realistic MCDU - New generation Airbus style with large clickable digital screen
  • SIDs and STARs included in the FMS database
  • Navigation Display with arc, rose, nav and plan modes
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple audio callouts.
  • Pop-up EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays.
  • Resizable and detachable gauges for additional monitor use
  • Traffic and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) system
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) simulated.
  • IRS (Inertial Navigation System) shows Latitude and longitude.
  • Warnings and caution messages
  • (MFD) Multi Function Display including NAV, Plan, Rose, Radio modes.
  • Accurate Autopilot control panel simulating the following features: Speed, Heading, Altitude, ILS approach,
  • Autoland and Flight Path Angle modes.
  • Battery and generator switches fully operative with corresponding actions
  • APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) startup/shutdown sequences simulated with corresponding EICAS messages
  • Anti-ice and lights sub-panels with active switches.
Although they may work with this product, Wilco does not technically support the use of 64 bits Operating Systems, only 32bits Operating System.

System requirements:
  • Windows
    • 7
    • 8
    • 10
      • Note for FSX and FSX Steam users: This product may experience problems or is not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10. Problems may include partial functionality of gauges and/or 3D model display issues.
  • Flight Simulator
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP1 & FSX SP2 (or Acceleration Pack)
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSXSE)
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1
  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2x 2666Mhz) or equivalent (Core 2 Quad CPU recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM - DX9 Graphic Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB strongly recommended)
  • 1.65 Gb Hard disk space.

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