A2A Simulations - Wings of POWER 3: P-47 Razorback Accu-Sim1

A2A Simulations - Wings of POWER 3: P-47 Razorback Accu-Sim

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What is Accu-Sim?
Real pilots will tell you that no two aircraft are the same. Even taking the same aircraft up from the same airport to the same location will result in a different experience. For example, you may notice one day an engine is running a bit hotter than usual and you might just open your cowl flaps a bit more and be on your way, or maybe this is a sign of something more serious developing under the hood. Regardless, you expect these things to occur in a simulation just as they do in real life. And under the hood, you expect your aircraft systems to respond accordingly. This means no more one minute engine warm-ups. This is Accu-Sim - it puts the gauge back in the game.

While Accu-Sim is created by pilots, it is built for everyone. Realism does not mean you have have to have a difficult time with your flying. In fact, realism can mean an easier time with your flying as things react as you would expect in real life. Common sense thinking applies with Accu-Sim. For example, if you are exceeding your maximum allowed speed with your flaps down, there will likely be warnings. You may hear and odd rumbling telling you, the pilot, "hmm, something is not right".

Listen to your aircraft
We are proud to launch our all new "Accu-Sound" sound system with over 200 recorded sounds for the P47 Razorback alone. This new sound system brings Accu-Sim to an entirely new level. While hearing is a critical sense when flying, it is even more important for a simulation, as you are deprived of the sense of feel we have in a real aircraft. We have loaded the P47 with smart, intuitive sounds. You will not believe how much audio can immerse you into an authentic flying experience. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did creating it.

P-47 Razorback Accu-Sim Expansion Pack FEATURES

  • Brand new A2A sound system allows for many new sounds including dynamic wind, turbo whine, engine sputters, etc. that will immerse you in flying unlike ever before. Experience a true "Open Cockpit" experience.

  • Complete piston combustion engine modeling. Air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the wonderful sound of a big radial engine. Now the gauges look beneath the skin of your aircraft and show you what Accu-Sim is all about.

  • Primer system modeled. Accu-Sim monitors the amount of fuel injected and it's effectiveness to start the engine. Roughly 2-4 shots needed in hot weather and 4-8 in cold weather.

  • Authentic battery. The battery capacity is based on temperature. The major draw comes from engine starting.

  • Oil pressure system is affected by oil viscosity (oil thickness). Oil viscosity is affected by oil temp and oil dilution level. Now when you start the engine, you need to be careful and not raise RPM too much until oil temp is high enough to give proper oil pressure. If you raise RPM too high on a cold engine, especially very cold, oil pressure can raise to over 150psi. Oil pump failure can result. Also, extended inverted flight (negative g) can uncover the oil sump and reduce oil pressure. Do not fly in a negative g situation for more than 5 seconds.

  • Oxygen starvation (hypoxia) is modeled. Just take off and climb without oxygen to see.

  • Experience realistic startups with an authentic inertia starter. Wind it up and engage.

  • Gauge physics including magnetic compass, gyros based on suction, and realistic vibrations from engine and airframe.

  • Airflow, density, and it's temperature not only affect the way your aircraft flies, but how the internal systems operate.

  • Real-world conditions affect system conditions, including engine temperatures. Manage temperatures with engine cowl flaps and oil cooler flaps.

  • Use intercooler flaps to cool Carburetor Air Temperatures (CAT) as high temperatures can adversely affect engine performance while low temperatures can lead to carburetor icing.

  • Spark plugs can clog and eventually foul if the engine is allowed to idle too low for too long. Throttling up an engine with oil-soaked spark plugs can help clear them out and smoke will pour out of exhausts as oil is burned off.

  • Overheating can cause scoring of cylinder head walls including ultimate failure if warnings are ignored and overly abused.

  • Realistic water injection (ADI) system. Pushing the engine too hard without water injection automatically injects more fuel to keep cylinders cooler, creating realistic black smoke from unburned fuel.

  • On hot summer days you will need to pay very close attention to your systems, possibly expediting your takeoff to avoid overheating due to radiant ground heat.

  • Airframe and component drag. Dropping your gear will pull your aircraft realistically as the landing gear is deployed along with cooling flaps, Ordnance, and even opening the canopy. Drop your gear, deploy your flaps, or just try a dive and listen to your airframe. It's all there and it's all real.

  • System failures including flaps that can independently jam or break based on the actual forces put upon them. If you deploy your flaps at too high of a speed, you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.

  • Landing gear can jam based on whether it is moving or locked down position.

  • Total audible cockpit made with recordings from the actual aircraft. Before you fly, enjoy clicking everything.

  • Authentically recorded Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine in a P-47. When possible, we visit and fly the actual aircraft, capturing every area that makes sounds, namely the engine and how it not only sounds inside and outside, but based on where you are outside. We also have sounds to indicate how your engine is performing. For example, it may cough if the cylinders start getting fouled, or you may hear components start knocking when pushed too hard. This all contributes to you, the pilot, from knowing your aircraft and how to read how it is functioning throughout every flight.

Bundle with P-47 Base Product available here.

P-47 Razorback Base pack required.

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