FS2Crew - Level-D 767 Voice Commander Edition1

FS2Crew - Level-D 767 Voice Commander Edition

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  • FS2Crew - Level-D 767 Voice Commander Edition1


FSX Certified

This title requires the Level-D 767 be installed in order to use this expansion.


Do you own the Level-D 767 aircraft? 

Do you want to take your 767 experience to the next level? 

If so, then FS2Crew's new "Voice Controlled' multi-crew airline pilot expansion pack for the Level-D 767 is meant for you!

With FS2Crew, you're no longer flying your 767 alone, you're flying it like a real professional, from the perspective of the Captain and Pilot Flying!

Harnessing the power of Voice Control, you'll run checklists, perform flows with your First Officer, interact with the cabin, engineering and company ops crew, and a whole lot more!

FS2Crew allows you to fly your Level-D 767 like a real airline pilot!

It is the Ultimate Expansion Pack for your Level-D 767 aircraft!!!


  • Level-D 767 (FSX or FS9).  Aircraft not included. 
  • Flight Simulator X or FS9
  • Win XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Microphone and/or Headset.
  • Windows Control Panel Speech Recognition language setting must be set to English if using XP or English - US if using Vista or Win 7.  (If you own a non-English version of Vista or Win 7, be sure to check this.  Please contact FS2Crew for assistance).

Product Highlights!

  • Customized to work exclusively with the Level-D 767 aircraft.  Every aspect of the software is specific to the 767 for maximum realism!
  • Seamless integration.  A very powerful SDK is available for the Level-D 767 aircraft which allows for smooth integration between FS2Crew and the 767 aircraft itself.
  • Control the autopilot and run checklists using voice control!
  • Full voice control integration:  Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
  • For maximum realism, SOPs modeled on the same procedures used by a real-world airline. 
  • Real human recorded United States, United Kingdom and Eurozone voice sets included for the First Officer, FA and ground crew.  FS2Crew does not use computer generated synthetic voices!
  • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
  • New features such as the ability to 'mute' the speech recognition system (hard mute and soft mute)
  • And a whole lot more!!!
This title requires the Level-D 767 be installed in order to use this expansion.

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FS2Crew - Level-D 767 Voice Commander Edition
a great addition to your 767 defanetliy worth it! ..
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