IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1

IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A

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  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1
  • IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A1


FSX Certified

In September 2006, we [Iris Simulations] provided the simulation community with an aircraft which was arguably one of the best commercial F-14 Tomcat packages to date. It received rave reviews from many and has become a stable airframe for countless Tomcat fans worldwide.

Now, two years later, we have taken on board the many comments we received from our customers and have put together a Tomcat package quite unlike any other.

We have made a great many improvements to the old F-14 Tomcat and in some cases, have ripped out sections and replaced with new!

No longer does this aircraft suffer from poor performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as it is now fully FSX Native and designed with FSX in mind! In addition many of the 2D gauges have been removed and replaced with fully 3D gauges in the cockpit allowing for both a boost in frame rates and a far crisper, smoother in cockpit experience.

The sounds have been enhanced from their original package with some new sound samples and recordings for a far more improved audio experience.

The updated animations both inside and out, and the inclusion of the F-14B aircraft are the two most requested additions to this package and we are sure that they’ll be well received.

Our latest contributor Michael Haegle has provided us with a SUPERB F-14B HUD straight from the US Navy NATOPS Manual that's so good, we've included it in both variants!

Finally it is the Flight Model which has received the most adjustments, with our resident guru, Pam Brooker having reworked the flight model for both the A and B variants from scratch using only authentic source material for her work.

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IRIS - Airforce Series: F-14A
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