Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31

Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v3

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  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31
  • Luis Gordo - Instruction Station v31


FSX Certified

An affordable Instructor Station at your grasp!

Includes Version 3.46

This utility is meant to assist Aviation Professionals, Flight Simulation Enthusiasts and Home Cockpit Builders using Microsoft® Flight Simulator (FS) 2004™, FSX™ and ESP™, Lockheed Martin Prepa3D® and X-Plane®.

Compatible with ALL types of aircraft! It is also great for anyone who wants to control the flight simulator externally.

The 'Instructor Station' allows to set the aircraft on an approach to a runway of choice under any weather conditions, start-up and shutdown network computers (fully customizable), program or set aircraft system failures at any moment, calculate the amount of fuel required for a flight and load it to the aircraft, record flight performance (approaches, maneuvers, landings, take-offs, etc.) and plot it graphically, and many other things!

It can work either on the Flight Simulator PC or on a Remote PC (using WideFS).

Many features are also available for Project Magenta users (pmSystems, Glass Cockpit, CDU/MCDU, MCP/FCU) and AST users.

What users have to say...

The Instructor Station program has proven to be very successful amongst the Aviation, PC Flight Simulation and Cockpit Building communities. Hundreds of aviation professionals and enthusiasts are using the Instructor Station all throughout the world:
  • "The Weather setting is pretty cool & easy." E.K. (Germany)
  • "I run both FS9 and FSX, but mostly FS9 and am glad iStation performs in both."
  • "I think this is a great product. Absolutely love this." M.M. (USA)
  • "This is a good program and I can see how an Instructor Station would really benefit from it. I look forward to the next version." W.M. (USA)
  • "About your great software Instructor Station, I can tell you that it is really similar to the A320 Full Flight Simulator one. [...] I really think your software is an excellent tool for people like me; it helps your training as a pilot a lot." (Airbus 320 pilot) J.B. (Portugal)
  • "I have been using your iSTATION for some time now and I just can't get enough of it. [...] By the way I just downloaded version 1.30 and I can't wait to start using it. The feature for starting the pmSystems seems to me terrific. Keep up the good work." A.L. (Mexico)
  • "First of all, congrats! You made a very nice and useful product. [...]
  • Thank you very much for your time, and again, for your wonderful program." A.D. (Brazil)
  • "The first impression is that it is - in the true sense of the word - a great program." P.W. (Germany)
  • "I am excited about your new software." A.P. (Australia)

See the following video for a brief demonstration on the program's main features.

New features in Version 3:
  • Redesigned user interface - easier to use and more consistent
  • Real-time downloadable WXR (METARs) with world-wide coverage
  • Speak-to-ME TAR engine - brings spoken ATIS/AWOS to your simulator, when tuning appropriate COM frequency
  • Expanded WXR engine - up to 3 layers of clouds, for highly-realistic approaches
  • Time and date selector
  • Links to airport information for selected airport on position tab - &
  • Use of standardized time stamp for iStation and FDR Mobile recordings
  • Improved FDR Mobile import engine:
    • Visualize recorded track on import screen
    • Retrieval of ground altitudes via Google Earth integrated plugin
  • Flight Phase Generator, allowing:
    • Analysis (plots, reports) of specific sections of a flight
  • More user settings (i.e. automatically turn on WXR engine on iStation start, etc.)
  • More custom values can be saved from session to session (weight & balance, etc.)
Main Features:
  • Set aircraft at any desired position: on an approach to a selected runway, ready to intercept the ILS, holding position on ground for entering a runway, at an airport gate, at a navigation aid, on an airway, etc.
  • Set weather environment to virtually any possible scenario, including VFR, MVFR, CAT I through CAT IIIc conditions, night, day, dawn & dusk, cross-wind, etc.
  • Create failures instantly, with a time-delay or when reaching a certain speed or altitude. Failures include: Control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevator, block flaps, spoilers and gear), Engine failures, Instrument & display failures, Hydraulic system failures, electrical failures, air conditioning & fuel failures (including tank leaks!).
  • Create and save training scenarios and lessons (approaches, manoeuvres, etc.) and increase efficiency of simulator time usage.
  • Quick and automatic aircraft start-up.
  • Complete Simulator start-up & shutdown (controls all PCs in the network).
  • Allows full external control of the Flight Simulator - ideal for a cockpit instructor station.
  • Monitor and log approach performance, manoeuvres, etc. Variables that can be tracked include: Position (latitude & longitude), Altitude & Height, Speeds (IAS, TAS, GS), Reference speeds (flaps full & clean configuration stall speeds), Pitch, Bank & Side Slip, True & Magnetic Headings, Elevator Trim position, G-Forces, Engine parameters (N1, N2, RPM, manifold pressure…)
  • All these variables can be plotted against elapsed time or against distance to runway threshold, and can be monitored in real time as flight progresses.
  • Runway Approach plots (vertical & horizontal).
  • Create performance reports in PDF, with maximum, minimum and average values of variables, flight events (flaps up/down, gear up/down, etc.) and other general information.
  • Export flight path, navaids and airways to Google Earth™ (KML file), allowing further performance assessment in 2D and 3D and with real satellite imagery (Google Earth™ features). Navigation aids are also exported to Google Earth™. Flight progress can be monitored after a flight is completed or while it is in progress. IAS and altitude are shown in real time. Flight events (gear up/down, flaps up/down, etc.) are also plotted.
  • Tracker Window, with artificial horizon display and other data, to enhance instructor awareness.
  • Enables control of the First Officer QNH settings by adjusting only the Captain QNH (project magenta).
  • Enables Synchronizing the Flight Simulator time with the system PC time.
  • Works on any WideFS connected PC.
  • On-Screen Keyboard for touch screen setups.
  • Flight Freeze mode: allows stabilizing the aircraft at a certain position before executing a manoeuvre (i.e. an approach, etc.).
  • Playback mode: review flight data previously saved, plot it, review in Google Earth, and resume a flight at any selected point in time.
  • ATC communications: the instructor can now send ATC instructions that can be heard (text-to-speech technology) and/or read (text on FS window) by the pilot in the simulator.
  • Export flight simulator GPS data via Bluetooth to external devices, allowing navigation applications to be used during simulated flights.
  • Export flight simulator GPS data to ForeFlight Mobile via WiFi.
  • Voice Control (beta).

And many, many more…

Installation & Registration
Simply install the program to a folder of your choice. Send your product code (will be shown when you run the program in the Login window) to After your payment is verified, a key will be sent to your email address. Please bear in mind that the key is computer-specific, meaning that if you wish to install the program on another computer, you will have to send a new key request (of course, at no extra cost!). To run the application, double click on the istation.exe file. A window will appear showing a code and asking you to enter a valid license key. Please introduce here the key that was sent to you by email after your purchase.

If a valid key is not entered, the program will run in Demo mode for 3 minutes.

Watch the following video to see how the iPad works with the Instructor Station:

ForeFlight Mobile™
GPS data export from flight simulator to the ForeFlight Mobile app via WiFi. No cables required

Control every aspect of the Instructor Station comfortably from your Tablet PC, iPad or Android device. Option to control iStation by voice commands.

Allows CFI's to provide quick ATC instructions with synthetic voice and or text to the FS window.

iStation connects your favourite aviation app running on your iPad, Android or Windows Tablet. It sends the location, altitude, heading and speed of your simulated aircraft to your device, fooling it to believe it is where your simulated airplane is. No cables required!


System requirements. This program has been tested to work on a machine with the following characteristics:
  • Pentium III, 800MHz
  • 256 MHz RAM.
  • 37 MB minimum hard disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows XP™ and Windows 7™ (also works on Windows Vista, Windows 8 and other operating systems, but these are currently not supported).
  • Microsoft .NET Framework™, version 4.0 (download @ Microsoft).
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004™ and FSX™ (many features work on FS2002, ESP, Prepar3D and X-Plane, but these are currently not supported).
  • Registered copy of FSUIPC (and WideFS for related features).
  • Network Card (will require Wake-On-LAN compatibility for network related features).
  • Google Earth™, or another 3D earth browser (geo-browser) implementing the KML encoding, for related features.
  • XPUIPC for X-Plane compatibility. Please note that XPUIPC is still beta (
  • Optimum resolution: 1920 x 1200.
  • Microsoft, Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth, BlueSoleil and StoneStreetOne Bluetopia Bluetooth stacks, for GPS data export via Bluetooth.

Registration requires you e-mail the author with order information, receive the key from him and enter that into the program.

Registration key provides 1 year of full service. After 1 year, you can renew service for only 9 Euros.

Updates in Version 3.46 Include

  • Re-organized tabs for quicker, easier, more logical access of functions.
  • Increased power of airport search under Runway/Gate tab (now by name, city, country, state, province, etc.)
  • Added option to show Landing Report in FS window 30 seconds after landing (displays for 60 seconds).
  • Auto-set WXR (METAR) from RUNWAY selection when positioning.
  • Added Auto-Thrust and Speed to Autopilot controls.
  • Added aircraft controls for A320 FMGS Jeehell (flaps up/down, arm/disarm ground spoilers, Master Warning/Caution).
  • Added as source for airport information (button link).
  • Added IVAO and VATSIM as WXR sources for METAR downloads.
  • Added CUSTOM KEY PRESSES under the AIRCRAFT tab.
  • Added Auto Instant Replay capability (for FSX, ESP and Prepar3D).
  • Added virtual cockpit, 2D cockpit view select buttons on Sim Control tab.
  • Added Full-Window mode toggle, on Sim Control tab.
  • Added Auto-Center option on MAP tab.
  • Added interface to Phillips HUE lighting system (turn lights RED for very hard landing, AMBER for hard landing and GREEN for an excellent one).
  • Bug fixes.

This Product Requires Online Activation

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